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Officials bribe auditor in court case

Officials bribe auditor in court case

A realty company accountant and a manager who bribed an accounts auditor to prepare a falsified report for a case at a realty court were punished on Tuesday.

The Arab accountant, 52, and manager, 42, promised an Egyptian accounts auditor, 35, some Dhs150,000 in case he prepared a bogus report in favour of their fugitive Asian employer’s realty company. 

He was to prepare it as per details they were to dictate to him. He notified his boss who advised him to tell police. The accountant was nabbed in a sting operation after presenting a Dhs50,000 installment.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced both defendants and the company’s fugitive owner to two years in jail and ordered them to jointly pay a fine worth Dhs150,000. It also ordered that the bribe be confiscated.

The auditor said that his boss -an Emirati audit expert, 41- registered with Dubai Courts, was asked to prepare a report for an ongoing real estate case. “Two days before the arrest, I received a call from the accountant.

He told me he had important documents required for the report, and that he must deliver them to me,” said the auditor adding that he told the accountant the documents must be submitted through the auditing office.

The accountant insisted to meet to discuss an important issue. “I informed my Emirati boss that the accountant called me several times asking to meet me. He advised me to go for the meeting and see what he wanted.”

They met. The accountant offered a bribe in return for a report that would work in his employer’s favour. The employer wanted a report to convince the court to terminate a contract between him and another party.

“The accountant told me he would ask the company owner for Dhs300,000 of which he would take a half and give me the other half,” added auditor who reported the incident to Al Muraqqabat police station.

They agreed to meet the next day at a place in Deira. The auditor went to receive the first installment of Dhs50,000 equipped with a recorder. Undercover cops took positions. They pinned the accountant. 

During police questioning, the accountant reportedly said the manager was the one who prepared the bribe money and both of them acted according to the company owner’s orders.

In court, both men denied offering a bribe. In records however, an Emirati lieutenant, 28, testified that the accountant upon arrest acknowledged having paid the Dhs50,000 and promised Dhs100,000 more. 

He paid the manager Dhs25,000 to expedite the issuance of a cheque from the realty company that he (the accountant) cashed and arranged the Dhs50,000. The manager on being questioned confessed.


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